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Famous Swiss Dragons

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- The Dragon of Mount Pilatus was a dragonet, scarcely larger than a man, but this did not mean it was less deadly. This dragon's blood was instantly lethal to anything it touched. The Swiss town of Wilser had come under the dragonet's tyranny for years, and no one was skilled enough in swordplay to come close to slaying it.

There had been a man called Winckelriedt earlier in Wilser, but he was banished because of a conviction for manslaughter. However since he was the only one proficient with weapons, he was soon called back to destroy the dragon. After a long arduous climb up the steep slopes of Pilatus, Winckelriedt met the dragonet face-to-face in direct combat. The dragon's head was swept off when its curving neck came too close to the blade. However, this sealed Winckelriedt's fate too because a trickle of the dragonet's blood touched his hand as he raised his sword up in victory. Before he could utter a word, he was dead from the avenging blood.

- The Tatzelworm [also known as Stollenwurm, or hole-dwelling worm] is said to be snakelike, measuring about 4-5 feet [1.2-1.5m] with two visible forelegs.

Some reports even describe it as being catlike. In the summer of 1921, at Hochfilzen in southern Austria, a tatzelworm was reported to have leapt at a herdsman and a poacher who shot at it. Both men fled the scene. In 1954, a cat-headed snakelike beast was seen attacking a herd of pigs further south near Sicily. Zoologists however, have not been able to get any tatzelworm bodies for study. They have suggested it could be a large, undiscovered lizard though.

Dragon boat in Lucerne

A dragon boat in Lucerne © MentalWanderings.com

- The two dragons of Lucerne. The town of Lucerne in Switzerland was famed for its winged dragons which were said to look like flying crocodiles. A tale of a man who once fell into an underground cave from which he could not escape is told there. He realised with much horror that this was the home of two dragons. However, the dragons seemed quite pleased to have a new friend in their abode. The man lived in the cave for five months, living on nothing but grass and a trickle of water which dripped down the rocks. When spring came, the dragons decided to leave their home, and took off into the air. The man realised that this was his only chance to escape. He grabbed the tail of one of the creatures, and was flown out of the cave. Sadly, the man dies in the end. One version tells that he had been without food for too long, and he died shortly after returning to his home village. Another version is that he did reach his hometown, where he feasted for three whole days. To his death.


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1. Dragons: A Natural History by Dr. Karl Shuker

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