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Dragons Around The World, Images

A hoard of dragons today around the world. Temples, sculptures, etc.
Modern day "sightings". The dragon lives on!

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Green dragon in temple
Green dragon in Takayama temple, Japanese Alps.
© The Traveladdicts

Dragons from lantern festival

Close up of the dragons from the lantern festival.
© DIstinct DI

Temple Dragon
Temple dragon in Taiwan.
© nmcfarl.org

fuji shrine

Japanese Dragon shrine in Fujiyoshida.
© 2005 Sean Wilson

dragon fountain, fujiyoshida
Japanese Dragon water fountain in Fujiyoshida.
© 2005 Sean Wilson

Temple dragon
Temple dragon.
© Vu Bui

kaifeng dragon boat

Kaifeng Dragon Boat, Henan, China
© Paul and Bernice Noll

Bronze Dragon
Bronze dragon in front of the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity inside the Summer Palace.
© Travel China Guide

Dragon head
High-spirited dragon head.
© Travel China Guide

Dragon pillar

Painting (Korean dragon) on a pillar at Chinatown, Singapore.

wolong dragon

Dragon in the back of Wolong Buddhist temple.
© Peter Snow Cao, 2001

Dragon carving
Dragon carving on a wall at Mt. Faber, Singapore. Courtesy of my dad for the shot.

Dragon temple 1 Dragon temple 2

From temples in Singapore.

Dragon temple 3 Dragon temple 4

From temples in Singapore.

Dragon, Penang 1 Dragon, Penang 2 Dragon, Penang 3

These are pictures from a temple I went to in Penang in 1999/2000. Check out the many heads on no. 3.

imperial dynasty dragon
Imperial Dynasty Empress Chair [Ming Dynasty].

Brought to the US by private collector in the 1920's: a doctor and his wife collected rare items from asia.

- sent by david wayne

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